Wisconsin Desintation Weddings

Earlier this week, our friend, Phyllis wrote about destination weddings in general. Today, we are going to talk about using your home state, Wisconsin, as your destination wedding location. A few reasons to make Wisconsin your destination wedding site are:

  • It is closer to home, so your friends and family are more likely to be able to attend
  • We have a ton of unique locations to use within a very reasonable distance
  • Wisconsin is a very inexpensive state to live and play in
  • We are more than cows and cornfields (what my friends from DC say about the state)

To get you started on your search, we are listing some of favorite destination locations in Wisconsin and the reasons why we love them.

  1. Door County. Door County is the “thumb” peninsula that sticks out into Lake Michigan. Here you can be married in a lighthouse, on a boat, on a beach, or almost any other type of location you can think of that is “exotic.” Plus, traveling there only takes a few hours and there is a ton of stuff for your guests to do while you are busy with wedding plans; anything from shopping, to restaurants, to museums.
  2. Dells of Eau Claire. Honestly, I think this is one of Wisconsin’s hidden gems. This place is so full of natural beauty that you really don’t need to decorate it, plus you can explore the dells themselves. Luckily, this one is right here in Central Wisconsin in Marathon County. We go there quite frequently just to drink in the peacefulness of the park and the dells.
  3. Pattison Lake and Amnicon Falls.Technically, these are two different locations, but since they are less than 5 miles apart, we decided to include them into one. Both of these places have my favorite natural feature, waterfalls, and are stunning. They are just outside of Superior, WI and again have a ton of extra things for your guests to do before or after your wedding day.
  4. Devil’s Lake. Located by Baraboo, WI, the lake itself is not that interesting, but it is surrounded by huge bluffs with many interesting natural features.The buildings in the park are old stonework and simply gorgeous. There are so many places to take wedding pictures, it is unbelievable.
  5. St. Croix Falls. Interstate State Park is located here, and it overlooks the St. Croix river. The beautiful vistas will make a stunning backdrop to your wedding ceremony and reception plus give you many opportunities for photographs.

(Zach, my son, assistant, and normal photographer is featured in this picture, having fun on the rocks at the Dells of Eau Claire). As you can tell, we have an affinity for natural locations, and since many of these are where some of my best memories with my family take place, well…they just had to be shared. Plus, sticking to a natural location, you can keep your costs very low as well.

Now, don’t forget that you are planning a destination wedding, even if you aren’t going far from home, so keep your guest list small and plan to have events and activities to keep your guests amused while you are there.

Happy planning an at home destination wedding. Did we leave out your favorite location? Leave us a comment and let us know what it is. I am sure everyone would love to learn about it.

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