Weddings and Weather—Not a match made in Heaven

tree in fog You’ve dreamed of your wedding day for ages: white dress, your favorite flowers in big bouquets, your friends all in their pretty bridesmaid dresses, Dad walking you down the aisle and your beloved looking dashing in his tuxedo.

What you didn’t picture was your beloved dashing through rain or hail, the flowers wilting because of heat, your dress possibly spattered with mud or your friends freezing in chilly, wet weather.

If you are having your ceremony in a church or reception hall, the weather won’t be too much of a factor in the planning of your day. On the other hand it can be a major factor if you want an outdoor ceremony such as in a favorite park, or in a backyard or on a family farm.

To help you plan for such nasty events, here are some tips you may want to put to use:

  • After you pick your date, check an almanac for the past history of weather on that day. If there is a more than 60% chance of foul weather or storms for that time of year, make a plan for a backup ceremony location that is sheltered.
  • When using a tent or Marquee, ask about renting the side fabric as well as just the roof. This way if the rain falls, you can keep it outside and yourself and the guests dry. Find out the charges for setup and take down, and if there is an extra charge for hanging the curtains.
  • When having a ceremony in a public park see if there is a park building that you may be able to get as a backup if it isn’t too far outside the budget.
  • Talk to your reception hall and find out if they can pull together a nice bit of decorating in case you are rained out of the outdoor location. Most hotels and halls can be very accommodating. Never just assume that the management is willing to help, though. Some places may not have the staff or experience to be able to do that for you. Always ask first so that you aren’t unpleasantly surprised.
  • If the wedding is on a family farm, it may become necessary to clean the barn or a large shed or hay shed. This should be done in advance, since nobody wants to be cleaning stalls in a tux. I really don’t think the rental shop would be all that understanding about those sorts of stains.
  • If the ceremony and reception are not the same location, make sure that you can get everyone there quickly, as well as moving all the chairs and decorations fast enough to avoid damage. Put one of the ushers or groomsmen in charge of disaster prep. A little forward planning is a great advantage and everyone will be happy that you were ready for anything.
  • Make certain to warn your vendors such as the caterer, the florist, and the band or DJ of where the alternate location will be. If there is need, have the designated groomsman inform them of the need to move and give them as much help as they may require to ‘bugout’ when the time comes.

We love outdoor weddings and they have a charm all their own if the weather cooperateSky_0572s. When it doesn’t, a little planning can make all the difference from a mere change in location and a good party or a soggy, cold and nasty catastrophe. Your wedding should be a day to remember, but not for the wrong reasons. Think ahead and you can just have fun and laugh at anything the skies throw at you!


Rev. Zita


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