Water, A Tree, and Me Makes for a Lifetime of Happiness

Some of our best ideas come from our couples, and Melissa and Neil are no exception to that rule. Earlier this spring we got to do a simple tree planting ceremony, but Melissa and Neil wanted to put their own spin on things. Instead of just watering their tree to represent how they will care for their marriage, they did something a bit different.

Melissa and Neil wanted to incorporate the idea of blending their lives together as well as needing to nurture their love into their wedding day. Instead of including a sand ceremony, they borrowed from that idea and blended colored water together to use for the water for their tree. They chose to use blue and red to make the purple that was the color they chose for their wedding, but you could use other colors to either make one that is represented in your wedding or one that has meaning for you.

After the waters were blended together making a new color, they took it over to their tree and watered to show how their love was a living thing that needed care as well. Since they were not on their own property, they planted their tree later.

I do have to admit that I wonder about one thing: did their tree turn a purplish hue since the water was purple? You know, like dying carnations to be colors not found naturally?

Sorry for the tent being in all the pictures. Mother Nature decided to be nurturing as well and gave us rain on their wedding day, so we were all trying to stay dry. But there is that saying that rain on your wedding day makes for a happy marriage.

Including different traditions is a great way to express how you feel about each other. To learn more about making your wedding your own, call Heartfelt Ministries at 800-490-0221.

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