The Simplest Little Wedding

Ever dream of having a simple little wedding? That is what Jason and Jessica did on their wedding day; they went simple. Just because you vote for simplifying your wedding day doesn’t mean that you can’t have nice as well.

Jason and Jessica wanted nothing more than to get married and have those that love them most surround them on their wedding day, but wanted to avoid most of the stress that is involved with planning a major affair. They rented the winter shelter at Iverson Park in Stevens Point, WI which was a smart move on their part, since it was a very hot day and that shelter is air conditioned. The men skipped tuxedos and went for dress shirts and suit pants, not even a tie. Dinner was catered in and the cake was a beautiful three layer, traditional, wedding cake. The DJ came and performed at their ceremony and at their reception. It was wonderful.

Even Jessica’s wedding dress was simple, but extremely elegant and suited her perfectly. The bridesmaids were in sheer, purple dresses that could probably be worn again to another even. I know everyone says that, but in this case it is true. I can see that dress worn to a nice dinner as well as worn for the wedding. Since the bridesmaids were family and close friends, I hope they don’t all choose to wear them at the same time or it will look like Jessica and Jason’s wedding 2.0 (laughter would be appropriate right now).

At their ceremony, Jessica and Jason chose to have 3 readings that were meaningful to them and then exchange their vows and rings, but the most touching part was the emotions written all over Jessica’s face as she walked down the aisle to marry her groom.

Possibly the most complex part of the day is that Jessica and Jason couldn’t choose just one flower girl, but had 3 of them. When you are trying to decide between beloved nieces and nephews, you just can’t pick one over the other. And the little girls added a wonderful sense of family and cuteness to their day.

We felt so honored to perform this ceremony because Jason was a part of Heartfelt Ministries and helped us get our discussion group up and running, way back when. Unfortunately, he had to leave our little group due to personal reasons, and we understand, but miss his input.

To have your own simple wedding, or a grand one, contact Heartfelt Ministries and tell us about your day.

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