The Joys of a Halloween Wedding

I know we’ve had mention of holiday-themed weddings on the blog in the past, but I really do love it when a couple decides to go all out and really push the holiday theme to maximum. Bethany and Dan Guthman were one of those couples and I was absolutely delighted to have been there! This crazy-fun couple was married the day before Halloween and they took the built-in theme and ran with it! It was a blast, I have to say.

I realize it is pretty late to be singing the praises of a wedding that took place back in October, but it was brought to my attention that I didn’t do a congratulatory posting for this pair, and for that I owe them an apology. As usual I forgot to bring the camera with me and I was hoping that some of the guests would be kind enough to share a few shots with me. Since that didn’t happen, I decided to post with descriptions instead.

The ceremony took place at the Nepco Lake Park building in Wisconsin Rapids. Bethany and Dan’s friends and family decorated in the traditional spooky style using faux spider webs, bats, crows, skulls, and the like for the season. The colors were black, purple and orange. Most people wouldn’t think of this for a wedding, but if you are fans of modern horror films like Bethany and Dan, it was perfect.

Since the reception was in the same spot, the place settings all had cups of candy treats and the kids attending loved it! The guests got into the spirit of the event and there were ghosts, angels, vampires, superheroes, monsters and ghouls attending. Let me tell you, as a minister that makes things pretty interesting when you look out over the crowd.

Dan wore a very nice tuxedo which made a rather intriguing contrast with his Zombie makeup. He told me later that a friend of his is a budding makeup technician and it made for a very realistic look on the groom. I was a little worried, but it’s bad form to wonder if the couple is going to eat your brain after the service. As a side note, I’ve got to stop watching so much late-night cable!

Bethany was in black as a very elegant vampiress. She had chosen purple cocktail length dresses for the bridesmaids that fit well with the theme and pretty much completed the whole ‘undead’ theme for the bridal party.

The exchange of vows was sweet and touching, and perhaps the only serious moment. Despite the party atmosphere, when these two joined together, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind of the love and commitment they shared.

Congratulations Bethany and Dan, and thanks for giving me another wonderful memory. No matter the theme of a wedding, the true emotions will always shine through, and you two made a fun night have deeper meaning for the two of you. From all of us at Heartfelt, we wish you many, many years and never lose that sense of fun!

Rev. Zita

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