The Groom’s Survival Kit

We all know the Bride will have her own equipment and supplies for the big day, but what will a Groom need handy on the wedding day? Emergencies happen for the men, too, so you need to be prepared. We’ve put together a list of the most common and useful items that the Groom and Groomsmen seem to need on a regular and not-so-regular basis.

Feel free to add or adjust these suggestions to suit your own wedding. Just remember that your bride will appreciate it if she never even knew about the lost cufflinks or cut fingers. These items will make sure that your day is handled with aplomb and goes smoothly.

First, get a tote or bag to hold this stuff and keep it organized. Using large ziplock bags to keep each category separate makes everything easy to find.

Now for clothing emergencies you will need a small mending kit with needles, thread, small scissors and extra buttons in black and white. Keep an extra tie or two in there in case someone spills coffee on theirs, and extra dress socks in the color you are all wearing. You will also need extra long pins for the boutonnieres, safety pins, a lint roller, wrinkle remover spray and stain remover pens. Static remover is also a good idea since you don’t want to give the wife a good zap when you take her hand.

Fill another ziplock with travel toothbrushes for all your groomsmen plus toothpaste, breath mints, dental floss and unscented deodorant. A styptic pencil is a good idea to stop bleeding from shaving cuts, and adhesive bandages, a small tube of antibiotic, some aspirin or acetaminophen, antacids, anti-diarrhea medicine, extra disposable razors, shaving cream, spare combs and gel or hair spray. A small manicure kit with tweezers, nail clippers, file and a small mirror is also a good idea.

If the wedding is outdoors, you might want to include sunblock, insect repellant, sunglasses, a few of those battery-operated mini fans and be sure that a lot of water is on hand.

Keep a couple of extra sets of cufflinks if you are using French cuffed shirts; they are easy to lose. Tie clips, extra shoe laces, extra handkerchiefs, tissues and pocket squares are also a good idea to have around. As a final precaution, you may want a set of extra wedding bands in case the originals are misplaced. Don’t hurt the best man, you can do that later. Just be sure to have a simple set of substitutes on hand to avoid the angst.

Last but not least, keep some toys for stress relief. A little keychain stress ball can help you stay calm, or a miniature slinky, hot wheels cars, super-balls, whatever. The thing is to have a small distraction to reduce your anxiety. Play your DS, chat with your guests, but don’t get too worked up.

We want you to have a good time at your wedding and this kit can make your wedding day go a lot easier. If you aren’t sure you have time to do it, give this article to your best man and have him put it together. All in all, these tools are a resource that most Grooms are glad to have and many wish they’d had but didn’t.

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