Megan and Justin are Married!

Congratulations to Megan and Justin! A little over a week ago I was very happy to have been part of the wedding of Megan and Justin, two lovely young people from Wood County. See, Aren’t they cute? The wedding was held at the Wisconsin Firefighter Memorial, right on the edge of the Wisconsin River, on […]

The Joys of a Halloween Wedding

I know we’ve had mention of holiday-themed weddings on the blog in the past, but I really do love it when a couple decides to go all out and really push the holiday theme to maximum. Bethany and Dan Guthman were one of those couples and I was absolutely delighted to have been there! This […]

Congratulation Jamie and Amanda!

Jamie and Amanda were married on October 15, 2011 at Camp Alexander in Wisconsin Rapids in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Unfortunately, our house photographer and tech guy, Zach Hunt was unable to come with us (he had a school project to do that day), so the pictures are rather scarce. I took them with my […]

Jackie and Steve, July 2, 2011

Another great couple was married on July 2 at Tom’s and Judy’s house too. Congratulations Steve and Jackie. Jackie and Steve are good friends with Tom and Judy and when they heard that Rev. Kelly was going to be performing the ceremony, they asked if they could use the services as well. Of course the […]

Congratulations Tom and Judy!

I am not sure that I can explain Tom and Judy to you, but this couple is a laugh riot. Their sense of humor is great, and contagious. Plus, they wanted their commitment ceremony to reflect the holiday. Amid their annual 4th of July picnic, Tom and Judy expressed their love for one another in […]

Falon and Marcus

We want to extend our congratulations to Falon and Marcus. They got married during a very simple ceremony in the Wood County Jail due to a few unusual circumstances. Our bride and groom perform a modified version of the prayer of hand of the bride and groom. Falon and Marcus are happy to be pronounced […]

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