Congratulations Anne and Travis

Heartfelt Ministries gives its most sincere congratulations to Anne and Travis. This super happy couple was united in marriage July 23, 2011 at the Pine Ridge of Wautoma in Wautoma, WI. And we were heartbroken to hear that the Pine Ridge was closing at the end of this year. For their ceremony, Anne and Travis […]

Congratulations Debbie and Glen!

Today, July 30th, we send our best to Glen and his new Bride, Debbie, who were married at Lensmire Gardens in Plover, Central WI. We were lucky today, although at first it might not have seemed that way. A line of thunderstorms and torrential rains made it seem as if we would have to move […]

Congratulations Ashley and Kyle!

Congratulations Kyle and Ashley! Saturday Kyle and Ashley tied the knot here in Wood County, Wisconsin! In spite of the thunderstorms, Ashley’s mother Wendy put together a lovely wedding for her happy couple at their home in Central Wisconsin. The theme was a tropical one that suited the warm summer’s day, and no one’s spirits […]

More of Becky and Rick

After posting our original entry about Becky and Rick, we got a few emails with even more pictures. I thought that we would share them with you because they are spectacular and inspirational. These first few were taken by friends of the happy couple.                 These pictures were taken by Sarah Klein, a wonderful photographer. […]

Jackie and Steve, July 2, 2011

Another great couple was married on July 2 at Tom’s and Judy’s house too. Congratulations Steve and Jackie. Jackie and Steve are good friends with Tom and Judy and when they heard that Rev. Kelly was going to be performing the ceremony, they asked if they could use the services as well. Of course the […]

Congratulations Tom and Judy!

I am not sure that I can explain Tom and Judy to you, but this couple is a laugh riot. Their sense of humor is great, and contagious. Plus, they wanted their commitment ceremony to reflect the holiday. Amid their annual 4th of July picnic, Tom and Judy expressed their love for one another in […]

Liza and Alex, July 3, 2011

For Liza and Alex this weekend was about a lot more than just Independence Day. Amidst the excitement of fireworks, parades and cookouts, their wedding provided much more to celebrate! The weather was perfect; not to hot or cold and a light breeze to keep all the guests cool as they were wed under a […]

Congratulations Becky and Rick

Becky and Rick were united in marriage on June 25, 2011 at the Rothschild Pavilion by Rev. Kelly Hunt of Heartfelt Ministries. Unfortunately my assistant was sick that day, so there are not many pictures. In spite of that snafu, we do have lots of ideas to share with you about their day. Before we […]

Congratulations to some of our June couples!

(I must apologize for the lack of pictures with this post. I am sadly notorious for forgetting my camera!) It’s been a very busy June here in Central Wisconsin for weddings, and I’m pleased to be able to wish all our couples the best of luck, now and always! All our best wishes to Skip […]

More of Adam and Maria

There is not much new to add to Maria and Adam’s blog posting but their photographer, Lexie Bragg, sent me some shots that she took and I had to share those with you. I hope you enjoy.

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