Something has gone wrong! Comfort for the Bride

It’s January and a lot of weddings are in the very early planning stages. You’ve booked your reception hall and chosen the colors and flowers, or maybe you are farther along than that and have most of the major planning already done. If so I salute you, you master organizer, you! Whether you are nearly […]

After Christmas Wedding Shopping

By now, you and your family have probably made a big dent in the Christmas leftovers, the wrapping paper is in bags ready for the garbage truck, and unwanted gifts have been returned or exchanged. I hope that your holidays were wonderful and full of warm memories, but now that they are over, it is […]

The Hottest Wedding Favor Trends for 2012

Before you jump into great favor ideas, I want to thank Melanie at Favors by Serendipity for putting together today’s posting and sending such great pictures for us. We love what you ladies do and we appreciate you sharing. Here at, we’ve been seeing a pattern: certain themes are already super-hot among our 2012 […]

Holiday themed weddings

  Mixing your wedding day with a holiday may seem a little unusual, but consider the advantages this could bring. How can you make this work to your advantage? Let’s think about this, Central Wisconsin. This could be quite the wedding trend… Most national holidays mean that your friends and family are very likely to […]

Decorate your wedding

Decorating for your wedding: some things to keep in mind Central Wisconsin has some utterly gorgeous places to hold an outdoor wedding: the Eua Claire dells Park in Wood county or the top of Rib Mountain, from the Red Mill near Waupaca to Door County on the shores of Lake Superior; there is something to […]

How do I know if I really need a rehearsal before my wedding?

You are planning your wedding. Congratulations!  You’ve got your wedding party picked out, the hall is reserved, the caterer selected, colors picked, etc… Do you need to have a rehearsal for the ceremony? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on things like the theme for the wedding, the venue, the size of your wedding party […]

Bridezilla, Bridezilla, fly away home?

Some of you may know, but most of you probably don’t, but Rev. Kelly had surgery just before the new year, so has had a lot of time with movies that she missed when they were released new and reruns of bad TV for the past couple of weeks. While watching those bad reruns, she […]

Tiffany’s 2010 Collections

Tiffany has released their 2010 collection, which appears to have been largely inspired by nature. Unfortunately, these fall outside my personal budget, but if they fall into yours, please let me know so I can drool in person. Otherwise, I am putting a towel on my keyboard to avoid any nasty electrical mishaps. These delicate […]

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