Kelly and Mitch married in Iverson Park….outdoor beauty.

Kelly and Mitch are now happily married and have been for months, especially since their wedding was during the warmth of summer in Iverson Park in Stevens Point, WI. A place of beauty in the middle of the city. Kelly and Mitch centered most of their wedding around nature and being outdoors, since that is […]

Best Friends Betty and Jerry Tie the Knot

Betty and Jerry got married this last Saturday at Iverson Park in Stevens Point. Despite the slightly cloudy skies, the rain held off until long after the ceremony and the weather held for the short but sweet service that joined Jerry to his best friend and soul mate, Betty, as their friends and family enthusiastically […]

The Simplest Little Wedding

Ever dream of having a simple little wedding? That is what Jason and Jessica did on their wedding day; they went simple. Just because you vote for simplifying your wedding day doesn’t mean that you can’t have nice as well. Jason and Jessica wanted nothing more than to get married and have those that love […]

Liza and Alex, July 3, 2011

For Liza and Alex this weekend was about a lot more than just Independence Day. Amidst the excitement of fireworks, parades and cookouts, their wedding provided much more to celebrate! The weather was perfect; not to hot or cold and a light breeze to keep all the guests cool as they were wed under a […]

Congratulations Tina and Mark

On Saturday June 11, 2011 Tina and Mark were married in the warming house of Iverson Park (Stevens Point, WI) in an intimate ceremony surrounded by their family and friends; performed by Rev. Kelly Hunt Because Tina and Mark are so family oriented, many of their family members were in their wedding party and had […]

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