Simple = Wedded Bliss

Sometimes the easiest way to get your message across is simple and to the point, sometimes it is best to ignore the traditions that don’t speak to you, but keep the ones that do. That is exactly what Stephenie and Corey did at their June 30th wedding in a family member’s backyard.

For Stephenie and Corey, getting married and stating publicly that they were going to spend their lives together was the most important thing. And they made this clear when we first met them by stating, we already know what vows we want and we’ll send them to you. Already knowing how to say I promise to love you from this day forward for as long as we both shall live says that those words had meaning to them and were powerful to them. That is really what a wedding day is all about, saying I love you and promise my life to yours.

The other thing that was important to Stephenie and Corey was making sure their guests were as comfortable as possible. They set up seating areas through out the yard with tables for drinks and food, an easy way to flow from one area to another, and easy socialization. Even during the ceremony this was evident since they did away with the whole “bride’s side” and “groom’s side” seating and just let friends and family be friends and family.

Simple doesn’t have to mean a lack of something, but instead can be a something all by itself. Simple can allow you to yourselves on your wedding day and your guests to be relaxed and enjoy the day with you. Because, really a wedding is all about your love for one another and letting your guests experience a bit of your lives together.

Let Heartfelt Ministries help you say I do with love and dedication in a simple way, call 800-490-0221 to schedule your time with Rev. Kelly and Rev. Zita to discuss your wedding day.

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