Select the Perfect Wedding Invitation

I have been holding onto this posting for a while, just trying to find the perfect time to share it with you. It is by our friend Brooke Uzarski from M. Middleton, specializing in Emily Post Invitations. She has some great advice for us.

Selecting the Perfect Invitation

Whether formal and traditional or casual and contemporary, modern weddings are filled with choices, decisions, and plans. As you look through wedding invitation albums, you may have a lot of questions. Don’t be afraid to ask them. There are so many online resources and local retail shops are available to answer any questions you may have.


Classic–Always In Style 

For a formal wedding, consider combining a font like Garamond or Copperplate with a script like Gravura or Shelley Allegro for the bride and groom’s names, or use a single decorative font such as Stuyvesant for a more romantic feeling. Keep the rest of the design simple, perhaps adding a border or monogram or using lined envelopes. Think classic colors: silver, gold, onyx, or sapphire.


Distinction – Ecru

A classic gold deckled edge surrounding creamy ecru—with or without added design elements, that’s a traditional combination that’s as simple and beautiful as love itself.

Lace White –

Delicate lasercuts edge these lovely pieces, leaving space for a choice of monogram, design element, or theme emblem.



Casual Or Contemporary 

Look at pairing a sans serif font like Cotoris or Carleton with a modern script like Bickley Script or Swan Song or choose a font like Canterbury for a more whimsical look. Brighter colors are an option. Consider Cornflower, Amethyst, or Blush with matching envelope liners.


Ink and backer choices can’t help but be highlighted by the slim profile and understated but intricate blind embossing on each piece.


This beautiful wildflower design and framed edge are embossed, and the lasercut jacket echoes the floral elegance.


Setting A Theme 

If you have a signature color or theme, introduce it on the invitation: a midsummer wedding might call for a floral design element; seashells or palm trees could grace an invitation to a beach ceremony. Then, continue the same icon or palette throughout all your printed materials, from programs to place cards.


Embrace the possibilities! Ribbon color, ink colors, design elements, and font choices awaiting selection make this a versatile collection with endless potential.

Le Jardin

Lasercut flowers and butterflies frame the Le Jardin invitation, and the romantic garden scene is delicately echoed in the accompanying pieces.


Don’t Forget The Practicalities

Check that your invitation is clear and readable once it’s in your selected fonts, especially if you have a lot of text. Some ornate fonts are decorative but can become less legible at small sizes.  




Good Luck!

Guest Blogger: Brooke Uzarski, M. Middleton Creative Director

Twitter | Brooke_mymdltn  

Facebook | Brooke M. Middleton


For more information regarding Emily Post Wedding please visit M. Middleton

Thanks Brooke for the wonderful inspiration!

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