Proper Dress for Wedding Vendors

This article is inspired by Phyllis Cambria’s article on Thanks for helping keep me inspired, Phyllis.

Earlier this week, I was watching “My Fair Wedding” on WEtv, and noticed that the wedding officiant that was chosen showed up to work in a pair of blue jeans and an untucked shirt to a very formal wedding. I thought that he was very inappropriate and no dressed for a wedding, especially one that was appearing on national TV. Today, I got Phyllis’ article in my inbox and it reminded me of what I saw and serves as a great reminder to get every detail of what you expect from the professionals working on your wedding in writing.

Granted, not every professional working on your day needs to dress up, and can do their jobs in jeans and t shirts. For example, anyone decorating prior to your wedding can do it casual dress. Your guests are not going to see them and unless you choose to show up early and see what is happening, you won’t see them either.

But for your other wedding vendors, appropriate dress is necessary. To avoid an under dressed vendor, ask at your initial meeting what they normally wear to a wedding. In our case, we wear either a skirt or dress or slacks, depending on the weather, and a nontraditional robe over top (not the bathrobe type, but closer to the clergy type) when we are performing a wedding. If asked, we would wear something different, but it must be within reason. For example, wearing a dress or skirt is within reason, but asking us to rent or buy a complex costume is not. But on that note, ask, because you never know what is in our closets already.

I know that was a bit confusing, but it is not unreasonable for you to request that your wedding vendors wear appropriate clothing to your wedding day. Especially those that are going to be seen by your guests. Just be sure to let your wedding vendors know what type of clothing you expect from them ahead of time and bring it up in a polite manner.

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