Our first Quinceanera: Congratulations Briah!

Since we are interfaith ministers at Heartfelt Ministries, we love it when we are able to do cross cultural ceremonies and this weekend we were able to perform our first Quinceanera. A quinceanera is a coming of age ceremony for 15 year old girls and marks their first steps to adulthood. While no ceremony can dictate how your child grows, this ceremony is supposed to mark the age that she puts childhood things behind her and starts to consider the adult world.
Congratulations Briah, who is carrying the “last doll” which her mom will take and pass on to her younger sister.

To mark this special time, a formal ceremony is performed and it highlights the reaffirmation of the girl’s baptismal vows. First, she takes those vows for herself for the first time, which now places her own spiritual health on her own shoulders, then it reaffirms the vows taken by her parents and sponsors/godparents which highlights that she is still a minor, even if she is taking more of her own well being as her responsibility.

Briah’s godparents and sponsors give her gifts like a Bible so that she may know the Word of God.
A necklace with crucifix so that God is always near her heart.
A pair of earrings so that she is reminded to listen to the word of God.
And her parents give her a tiara so that she knows that they and God think that she is a “princess.”

After the ceremony, Briah’s parents served a delightful dinner that was as cross cultural as the ceremony. We had hot beefs, Spanish rice, spicy beans, and pasta salads. It was wonderful. After dinner, Briah’s court kicked off the reception portion of the evening with a Grand March. Then Briah and her dad performed the changing of the shoes, which is a tradition where the father takes off the flat shoes worn until this point and replaces them with the more adult heel style shoes.

The changing of the shoes.

Finally, to get the reception really going, there is the father/daughter dance.

Congratulations again, Briah! You are already beautiful and very poised, may you carry those qualities with you always on your path to being an adult and beyond.

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