Our “Dream” Weddings

We love each and every one of our couples. Everyone brings something unique to the day and all of them are fun and great to work with. That being said, Zita and I were talking about what weddings we would love to officiate that would be fun and unique, one day while driving to meet a couple. These are the lists we came up with, one for Zita’s, one for mine, and one that we share.

Rev Zita’s Dream Weddings

  1. Western/cowboy: Chuck wagons, six-shooters (presumably squirt-guns) hoopskirts and a lot of fake western accents. Who doesn’t love a lanky Stetson-wearing fella going “Aww, shucks, Ma’am”?
  2. Sci-fi or Star Trek theme: This could be a lot of fun. Imagine it as one big costume party, with everyone dressed as their favorite character or alien.
  3. Jimmy Buffet wedding: Margarita Ville and leis, relaxed music, Hawaiian shirts and barefoot at sunset. Oh, yeah!
  4. Skiing-themed wedding: elaborate sweaters, fancy hats, boots, hot chocolate and they can kiss and take their first run down the hill as man and wife.
  5. James Bond wedding. Or just as a spy theme.
  6. Pink Panther themed wedding; the original, not the remake.
  7. Harry Potter theme would be pretty fun

Rev. Kelly’s Dream Weddings

  1. A hockey themed wedding (and Braden Holtby, if you are listening, I would love to perform your wedding. When you have it, that is)
  2. A wedding at Lambeau Field
  3. A summer, moonlit wedding
  4. A poker wedding (Two of a Kind, anyone?)
  5. A princess wedding (where the minister gets to be the fairy godmother)

Both Rev. Kelly and Rev. Zita would like to do these weddings:

  1. Medieval: Gotta love the fairytale aspect of it, and we already have the perfect outfit.
  2. Civil war reenactment or ‘Gone with the Wind’ Wedding: Similar to the cowboy wedding, this one would be a little more formal, but just imagine those lovely ball gowns!
  3. Biker wedding: Can’t you just imagine the bride in white riding leathers? Unusual and fun!
  4. On a sailing ship: Sunset over the ocean  as they take their vows; Aww. It would be wonderful to do a wedding on a tall ship, don’t you think? Although in this area a river and a pontoon boat may have to do.
  5. Pirates!
  6. Movie star costume party wedding: come as your favorite classic star. Can you imagine a room full of Marilyn’s and Bogies, Betty Davis’ and Clark Gables? How much fun would that be?
  7. Candlelight ceremony at Christmas. Imagine all the garland and tinsel, soft carols and classical music, snow falling outside. It would be gorgeous.
  8. This is silly, but a ‘Princess Bride’ themed wedding would be a hoot. We’re not sure we could say ‘have you the wing?’ with a straight face, though.
  9. Twilight theme for the romantics. (Team Edward or Team Jacob?)
  10. X men, maybe, but we refuse to wear spandex. No one needs to see that.

If you want to do any of these weddings, or even a fantasy wedding of your own, call Heartfelt Ministries at 800-490-0221 and we’ll help you make it come true.

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