One of my favorite Weddings

I want to write about a wedding I did last year for a very special couple, Alexis and Doug.

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Alexis and Doug met when she was recuperating from an illness. Doug is a nurse and told us that he knew he’d found his soul mate the moment he saw her, even though she was not exactly at her best. On her part, Alexis managed to see through her pain-killer induced haze and saw a man she knew matched her. Time proved them right, and I was proud and happy to be the officiate for their wedding day.

Smiley’s in Plover, WI. Was the scene, in the new indoor chapel with its white arches and fairy lights behind us to make the perfect setting for this marvelous couple. Doug wore a grey suit and looked very handsome. He was accompanied by his son, Joey and the best man, who were very proud to be with him on this day.

Lauren and Tyra, ages twelve and fourteen were her attendants. The came down the aisle in style to a string quartet rendition of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ and took their places in perfect grace.

Alexis was escorted by her Brother, Charlie, who was obviously very proud to be there. His grin when he placed her hand in Doug’s lit the room. The song was ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by the same string quartet, and it was the perfect song for these two.

Alexis’ gown was spectacular, and I only wish I had a picture of the maillot-style back with its lovely beading—it was gorgeous and she looked amazing in it, but the gown was only the backdrop for her happy smiles that day!

The crowning moment for me was when Alexis and Doug exchanged the vows that they had written. Alexis spoke of how she would be by his side together and work to make their lives rich in love and how their lives were so much better together. Doug’s vows spoke of how she inspired him, how she made him stronger, and how not even illness or struggle would ever make him stop loving her. He spoke of how his love would grow, and it was plain that he meant every word.

Their children were not forgotten, either. To celebrate the combining of their families, Alexis and Doug chose to use a family Sand Ceremony with a color chosen by and for each child. The result was a crazy rainbow of layers that showed how they had come together and created a new and very loving family. If that doesn’t make you a little misty, you’re on the wrong blog.

While I love every wedding I do, this one was special because of the people in it and the enthusiastic support and love of all their families. I can’t remember a harsh word being spoken that day, and even though it rained, you certainly didn’t miss sunshine—it was too happy of an occasion.

So to Doug and Alexis and all their kids and friends, thanks for letting me be a part of your day. I will remember it always. If you have a special wedding you remember, drop us a comment and let us know, we’d love to hear about it!

Find your peace, friends.

Rev. Zita.

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