Nicole and Matt, July 9, 2010

While June may be the traditional month for getting married,July has its moments, I must say. Nicole and Matt happily tied the knotatSmiley’s in Plover, WI on a breezy, warm and perfectly sunny day thisweekend.

I know they look serious here, but trust me, neither one stopped smiling the entire time!

Our lovely couple had chosen to include a reading of ‘Love Is’ by Susan Polls Schultz to express their feelings, and Nicole had let me know that it was her favorite poem. I can see why as it is a perfect expression of how complete love can make you.

They also chose to include a rose exchange after their vows and rings to further cement the moment in their minds and hearts.

The exchange of rings.

The rose ceremony.

The colors they chose were a simple pink and white and thetheme carried well throughout their decorations. With the addition of afewgerbera daisies for contrast, it was far from cutesy, being instead bothcheerful and elegant and well suited to the day. Check out the clearglass caketopper; isn’t that just great? The cake itself is wonderful (anddelicious) andI am sorry but I didn’t get any pictures of them cutting, unfortunately.

Nicole’s dress was a princess style with a full satin skirtand integral train in a heavy-weight satin. She used her mother’s headpiecewith a new veil to create that sense of tradition we all love and theeffectwith her short face veil made her glow when the afternoon sunlight hither.

This is Nicole being walked down the aisle by her father. An‘Awww” moment if ever there was one, don’t you think?

And the moment we all were waiting for…

There you have it, folks—simplicity, beauty, and charm, creating a special day two people will always remember.

We here at Heartfelt wish Nicole and Matt many happy years together and lots of love. Congratulations!

Rev Zita.

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