Military Weddings: Introduction and Invitations

Memorial Day always makes me think of the military and with what we do at Heartfelt Ministries of course my mind turns to weddings as well. That made me think it would be fun to do a posting on military weddings and what is involved with the planning and execution of them. We have not actually done a formal military wedding here in Central Wisconsin, but we would love to. We do our best to be very supportive of those who are serving our country.

When I started researching this I had no idea what I was getting into. I knew that the military has rules, regulations and suggestions for every aspect of life, but I had no idea the formality and traditions behind weddings and (shame on me) didn’t realize that each branch had its own traditions as well. On top of that, where the base your military man or woman is stationed will have its own traditions.

So, instead of only a posting on military weddings, we will have a whole series of what goes into planning a military wedding. So, that being said, let’s start this party and get down to work. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment or email us at We would love to try to answer them for you, or at least give you an idea of someone to ask.

Planning a military wedding is not that much more complicated than planning a regular wedding and if you plan on having it on base, the chaplain would be happy to help you arrange many of the military traditions. Off base, you will have to do much of the arranging yourself, and in your shoes, I would recruit a person that is in the military to help out.

First, the guest list of a traditional military wedding is quite extensive. From what I have been able to find, this is for two reasons, and one is debatable but I will list it anyway. The first reason the guest list is so long is that tradition considers it proper for your spouse to be to invite every person that he or she has contact with in the military, no matter how minor. The second (the possibly debatable one and I will welcome anyone with more knowledge and experience to comment) stems from the order of importance the military requires from its members: God, Country, Family, and since the military is the country it should be part of your wedding day.

Once you have your guest list finalized, invitations are generally sent out. When addressing military members do not use Mr. and Mrs. Make sure that you are addressing them according to rank and then their spouse. It is similar to addressing a letter to a doctor or a minister; you address them by their profession.

Up next: attire.


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