Mickle and Molly, July 17, 2009

Congratulations to Molly and Mickle (pronounced Michael) and their family, who held their ceremony in their backyard. Molly and Mickle included so many great elements into their wedding ceremony and wedding day that I think it may be difficult to put them all here in for you to see (in other words if this loads slowly, forgive me, I just want to share the whole day with you).
Meet Molly and Mickle…Don’t they look sooo happy?

During the beginning of the ceremony, the happy couple had a special singer perform for them.
The Good Doctor (I was given his name, but lost it, so our singer is now known as the Good Doctor).

Introducing the wedding party.

I really love the shade of pink Molly and Mickle decided on. It is perfect for a summer wedding.

The vows and ring exchange.

Family Promises….

The Sand Ceremony…

Drum roll, please….the kiss….

And one more ceremony element….

The butterfly release!

And our happy couple prepares to move the celebration from their back yard to Memories Ballroom in Plover .

The grand entrance….

After Molly and Mickle arrived at Memories, we all sat down to enjoy a wonderful dinner of beef tips and stuffed pork roast with all the trimmings provided by Rockman’s Catering . During and after dinner we enjoyed the musical entertainment of Radio 1 Music DJ (Mickle and Molly even had the owner come to their wedding, how cool!). The staff at Memories and Rockman’s were super attentive to all our needs and Joe, the DJ, is extremely personable and played some great instrumentals during dinner, but picked up the pace once everyone was fed.

   This cake was made by one of Molly’s friends and guest.

I wish I could say that there was a really cute and interesting story behind the froggy cake topper, but the only story I could find ( and I searched) was that Molly loves frogs and one of her friends gave it to her as a gift. I suppose that when you are as happy and in love as Mickle and Molly are, cute stories are not necessary.

The cake cutting….

If you can laugh at yourself, you can laugh at anything.

Thank you Johanna Lepinski…

The beautiful woman behind the camera above is Johanna Lepinski who offered to help out and took the pictures of the ceremony that are featured here. The Heartfelt Team just wants to say Thank you.

We also wish Mickle and Molly a lifetime of happiness together and many heartfelt memories to share as the years go by. Congratulations!

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