Married in the Field: Holly and Mike

Congratulations to Holly and Mike, who were married October 22, 2011 at Flowers of the Field, sorry not an actual field, but a beautiful location in Mosinee, WI. From the moment I arrived, Sandy, the owner, was attending to the details of the day; from helping to greet guests to making sure that the bride and groom were comfortable, to dealing with showing the DJ where to set up and so much more. It was really fantastic being able to watch how Sandy works and how much she enjoys being able to help brides and grooms create their perfect location, setting, and feeling for their wedding day.

Family is an important element to Holly and Mike, and their whole ceremony reflected the idea that they were marrying each other, but that family would always be a part of their lives. Before the ceremony began, their moms lit the candles to be used during the unity candle (not normally recommended for an outdoor ceremony, but Holly and Mike really wanted on and were willing to take the risk of the flames being blown out). Then Holly was escorted into the ceremony by her brother who declared that their family supported the marriage between them.

Holly and Mike both have a child from before they met, and of course included them in the ceremony. The ceremony spoke of how their marriage strengthened the family and made the bonds between step parent and step child more than just friends, how it made the relationships from parent to child even stronger and better, and how being a family rounded out the relationship between the two of them.

Holly’s mom and Mike’s mom read the poem “The Key to Love” together by reciting stanzas in turn. This poem is about how love affects us all and how we can nurture it and keep it alive in our relationships. By adding it to the ceremony in this way, it was like their moms were giving out advice on how to create a lasting marriage and keep the flame of love alive throughout their happy years together.

The unity candle was truly a special moment in Holly’s and Mike’s ceremony. It spoke of how we were all extensions of where we come from (illustrated by the mom’s lighting the candles before the ceremony) and how we are also a spark from the Divine. By combining their lights together, Holly and Mike create a stronger, brighter light to share with the world and make it a better place.

We wish Holly and Mike every happiness through out their lives and those of their families. Congratulations Holly and Mike!

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