Maria and Dan got married!

Maria and Dan were married at Smiley’s in Plover. It was a sunny if cool day in October and we want to let them know how happy we are for them!

The Bride wore a flouncy, beautiful dress with tulle serpentine ruffles over the skirt and a mid-length traditional veil that perfectly complimented her long dark hair. The red and white roses in her bouquet and a red velvet cape made the look just right for an autumn ceremony.

The Bridesmaids were in scarlet satin strapless cocktail dresses, something perfect for any body type and with silver heels chosen by each bridesmaid for themselves; the theme was one of unity while still being very individualistic. Not an easy thing to achieve and a testament to Maria’s good taste.

The groomsmen and Dan were in mandarin-collared tuxedos and instead of neckties, they wore matching jeweled shirt studs at the collar. Very stylish and a totally masculine look without being too fussy. The red vests matched the bridesmaids’ dresses and white boutonnieres rounded out the look for a well-coordinated bridal party without being overly detailed.

Maria was escorted down the aisle by her mother, and the sheer pride on this lady’s face was a pleasure to see. The enthusiasm and loving support of their families made the day a very special one for our handsome couple.

While writing the ceremony, Dan had an unusual request: he asked me to include the old ‘If anyone knows just cause for these two not to be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace’ speech. I was a bit surprised, since it isn’t required any longer and I’ve never really thought about it in other weddings we’ve performed.

The families seemed to enjoy it, and I saw several people snickering at the opportunity, but after a stern glare at one prankster who seemed a bit too eager, (it got a good laugh) we continued and Maria and Dan were married happily ever after! Best of luck to you always, from all of us here at Heartfelt!

If you would like your own Heartfelt wedding ceremony, email us at for more information.

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