Liza and Alex, July 3, 2011

Alex and LizaFor Liza and Alex this weekend was about a lot more than just Independence Day. Amidst the excitement of fireworks, parades and cookouts, their wedding provided much more to celebrate! The weather was perfect; not to hot or cold and a light breeze to keep all the guests cool as they were wed under a bronze arch in Iverson Park here in Portage County.

Purple and white are the colors for weddings this year, and the deep wine color chosen by Liza was a true compliment to all her bridesmaids. The bouquets were of orchids and roses, and the white roses worked perfectly in boutonnieres for the groomsmen as well.

Having children in a bridal party is often a challenge, and Liza’s niece had been slated to act as her flower girl/miniature bride. Unfortunately, the excitement was a little too much for her, and she refused to leave her father, one of Liza’s ushers.  Still, I don’t think anyone really minded, since everything else went so well.

taking vowsOff to the side of the arch where the ceremony took place was a table decorated with a floating candle and the vase and containers for the sand ceremony chosen by our couple. Liza and Alex chose to have the bridesmaids; the groomsmen and both immediate families participate. After they had added their first layers of sand, the families rose and came to add a spoonful of sand to the vase, signifying their support and love. As this was going on, Liza had a soloist play Debussy’s ‘Claire de Lune’ to help things along.

The vows they chose were detailed and very special, largely written by the bride and groom themselves. They selected a sort of speak and answer format, where the groom would speak a vow, memory or intention and it was answered by one from the bride. They spoke of their intentions, future children and old romantic memories, and their hopes for their lives together. It was very romantic and everyone was touched by their sincerity.

sand ceremonyA few announcements were read after they were pronounced husband and wife, and the happy couple and friends walked down the aisle to start their new life. To my delight, they had provided personalized tubes of soap bubble solution and the effect was both festive and a little mischievous! I love bubbles; they provide such a sense of enthusiasm and play to the day!

This week I was lucky enough to bring along our house photographer, Zachary Hunt to take pictures, so I hope you enjoy this vision of a park wedding, Wisconsin-style.  To Liza and Alex, thanks for letting me be a part of your special day, and all the best to you both. Congratulations!

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