Kari and Keb: A wedding in the woods!

On September 10 of this year, we had a lovely couple get married at Camp Helen Brachman here in central Wisconsin. Kari and Keb are wonderful people and very much devoted to the outdoors lifestyle. The couple rented the entire camp to provide accommodations for their friends and family in the cabins and extra tents. Lights were strung from trees, the lake made a perfect backdrop for the service, and the weather was warm and inviting so everyone had a great time.

They had several very original ideas for creating memories of this special day: one was the ‘thumbprint tree’ as you can see here. Guests would rub their choice of ink color from one of the pads provided, then press it to the tip of a branch on the painted tree. Then they would write their name around the edge of the print, creating a beautiful and highly original guest register! It is perfect for this couple who spends as much time as they can manage in the great outdoors.

Another great idea was the ‘leaf quilt’ that hung on the wall. Guests could write their good wishes on pre-made fabric leaves, which would be pinned and later sewn onto the quilt topper to create either a wall hanging or a bed quilt. What a fantastic way to create an heirloom for your lives together. Not to mention that it’s a unique piece of folk art!

During the wedding service, a special solo was sung in memory of Keb’s sister Cassie, by her vocal instructor. During the song, wildflowers were distributed to all the guests with the instruction to remember everyone that had made them happy and feel loved. It was a heart-warming moment of remembrance.

The mood was lightened during a reading of ‘Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog’ by Taylor Mali. This charming poem drew some hilarious parallels between pet ownership and romance I had never before considered.

The atmosphere was relaxed, the Bride and Groom were in love, and the evening promised to be perfect for a party, so  we here at Heartfelt offer a big smile and our best wishes for Kari Keb. Many happy years to you both!

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