Jamie and Darren at Smiley’s in Plover

here comes the brideWe at Heartfelt Ministries want to extend our congratulations to the happy couple, Jamie and Darren who were married May 7, 2011 at Smiley’s Wedding and Banquet Hall in Plover, WI. Jamie and Darren were searching for a personal but short ceremony that they could share with their guests. During the ceremony, their friend Melissa read two wonderful poems: “Why Marriage” by Mari Nicholas-Haining and “Love” by Ray Croft. Both of these were suggested by the couple.

The ceremony took place in Smiley’s Banquet room in front of the fire place that was decorated with candles and flowers at 5:30 in the evening. After the ceremony a buffet of hor d’oeurves was served to the hungry guests. As always, the food that was made with love at Smiley’s was delicious. The couple chose staples such as finger sandwiches, cheese and sausage, deviled eggs, Italian and Swedish meatballs, and stuffed potato skins to mention a few.
exchanging vows

The beautiful wedding cake was made by Nancy Lemke Cakes in Stevens Point. Jamie and Darren chose to have a small layered cake for the traditional cake cutting, but served either chocolate or white sheet cakes to the guests. Serving sheet cakes instead of the traditional layered wedding cake saved the couple money, since the layered cakes are a lot more work.

the kiss

To keep their guests dancing until dawn, or at least until everyone was tired, Jamie and Darren had a great band playing. The Swing Crew is this very entertaining and interactive band from the Wisconsin Dells area. From what I was told they did not do their whole interactive thing, but even so it was great fun.

Jamie and Darren gave their wedding party these very cool beer and wine glasses. I have not seen glasses quite like these and though that they suited Jamie’s and Darrin’s personalities as well as those of the wedding party.
the happy couple
wine glasses beer glasses

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