Honoring Mom

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, it seems appropriate to talk about how to honor mom and all that she has done for you over the years to get you to your wedding day. Here are some ideas for you:

Give mom some flowers: Flowers are a beautiful gift to give mom any time of the year and they can come from a professional florist or they can come from your garden (if you have a green thumb, which I most certainly do not). Be sure that the flowers you choose to give to your mom say the right thing, since flowers do have a language all their own. Some great ideas are:

  • Daisies
  • Roses
  • Calla Lilies
  • Angelica

Give mom some chocolate: During Aztec times, chocolate was considered the food of the gods. Treat mom like a goddess and give her some chocolates to show her how much you care.

Have a poem read for mom: Expressing what you feel is sometimes difficult to pinpoint and then articulate well, so let someone else do it for you. Here are several pages of poems dedicated to moms.

Have mom light your unity candle: The unity candle ceremony is usually two tapers, representing you and your fiance, which are used to light a pillar candle, representing your relationship. You can have your mother’s light your tapers to show that they are still important to you and your new life as husband and wife.

Ask her to walk you down the aisle: Yes, I know this is traditionally done by your dad, but asking you mom to walk you down the aisle by herself or with your dad is a great honor. If you fiance is so inclined, his mom and/or dad can walk him down the aisle as well.

Give a toast in honor of mom: At your dinner, it is perfectly reasonable to give a toast in honor of your mother(s). Just say that you love her and you appreciate all her help over the years and maybe list out a few specific cases. Then end the toast with family and friends, please raise your glasses in honor of my mom (or our mothers).

Have a dance in mom’s honor: At your reception it is very traditional to have the mother/son dance with the groom and his mom, but to put a twist on this, you could have both sets of parents have a dance together to honor your moms. Just be sure to pick a song mom will love.

There are all sorts of ways to honor mom for all she has done at for you, through the years and for your wedding day, you can use these suggestions or use your imagination and come up with your own.

For more information on wedding ceremonies or to contact Heartfelt Ministries to perform your wedding, visit our site.

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