Holiday themed weddings


Mixing your wedding day with a holiday may seem a little unusual, but consider the advantages this could bring. How can you make this work to your advantage? Let’s think about this, Central Wisconsin. This could be quite the wedding trend…

Most national holidays mean that your friends and family are very likely to have the day off, making travel that much easier for them. Since many families get together on holidays anyway, this combines those events and allows more relatives to attend.

Also consider that you have a built-in theme for your decorations, music and the entire event:

Easter gives you a pallette of softer colors, plus it is a celebration of renewal and new beginnings; quite appropriate for a couple just starting their new lives together. Spring flowers like daffodills and crocus are readily available, and the menu can be light, yet tasty with a springtime theme.

Father’s Day could be a poignant moment for Daddy to walk his little girl down the aisle, and Memorial Day is an automatic three-day weekend, perfect for a wedding.

Cinco De Mayo isn’t an American holiday, but it is a lot of fun, which could be used for a great day of Latin-themed music and fun. The dancing alone could have people talking for years. Colors are bright and vibrant, the food would be spicy

 Of course we can’t forget Independence day, July Fourth, which could give you an excuse for a red, white and blue blowout wedding, complete with fireworks! There are companies that specialize in private event pyrotechnics in Wisconsin, and they can give you a night like no other. Imagine your names blazing across a starry sky!

Of course, you don’t have to choose a public holiday as your wedding date. Never forget the personal holidays that you share:  Your birthdays are perfect dates to give the gift of yourselves and your futures together.(It also has the advantage of being a date unlikely to be forgotten) There’s always the day you met, the day he proposed, your first date, etc. These are days that are important to you, if not the nation.

Still, teaming your wedding to a holiday provides unique opportunities for celebration. Halloween costumed receptions, Thanksgiving with vibrant reds and golds of harvest colors—Imagine Pumpkin Pie instead of a traditional wedding cake! Of course, you would have to pry the guys away from the football games, but still…

Never forget Christmas as a wedding date, with reds and forest greens, gold and silver, white, the snowflakes, the scent of pine and spice. It’s impossible to go over the top with such a theme, don’t you think? It could be a winter wonderland at its finest.

When deciding on the date for your wedding, don’t forget the holidays and their advantages from food to fireworks, each day has something to offer, especially if it’s already a date to remember.

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