Getting Medieval on Your Wedding Day!

Renaissance-themed wedding are very popular these days. They are romantic, fun, and the perfect fairy-tale day little girls dream about, literally!

The only problem is how do you plan one of these events for you and your personal knight in shining armor? Where do you go for the dresses, the men’s clothes, the food and the right atmosphere to bring your vision into reality?

We have a few ideas to get you started.

Check to see if there is a renaissance fair in your area, or within a few hours’ drive. Most Renaissance fairs will have at least a website or phone number so you can get ticket prices and dates, and many will have someone who can help organize your party once you know how many guests you expect. Some even have a chapel on site, since it has become so popular to be married at these events.

The advantages of using an already established fair are many: they have many things for your guests to see and do, the entertainment is already there, you can arrange for food from the vendors, costumes are easy to rent, and you might even get a discount for the entire day. Hotels are usually close by and maps are already available. They might even be able to arrange for a minister or officiate from the local community if you haven’t found one of your own. Contact them and see if this is the route you want to take for a day of fun and celebration.

Another way to do a medieval wedding is totally hands-on. Decide what look you are going for: High Medieval, Italian renaissance, Viking, etc. and then Google costumers from whom your bridal party can order the outfits. Things like cloaks, tunics, doublets, boots, gowns, veils and all the accessories are easily obtainable, along with period-appropriate things like dishes, goblets, swords (real or fake), armor and the like. Imagine if your ushers were dressed in chain mail; who would dare cause a problem?

Of course planning a personalized event like this is easier if you are a member or know someone who is a member of a re-enactor’s group like the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism. This group is devoted to the study of the middle ages and can help you find everything you need: clothes, accessories, foods other than turkey drumsticks, even music and period dances and customs! They are friendly and always willing to share their knowledge, making them the perfect resource for a historically-minded bride. If you need someone who can make your wedding gown, they can help with that as well—many accomplished seamstresses have websites and contact information through this organization. You can find a regional group by contacting  Just explain what you are trying to do and they will direct you to some good information.

If you don’t have access to something like that where you live, it may be harder to have the fairy-tale day you envision, but it isn’t impossible. Do your research and choose the elements that appeal to you most. Talk it over with your fiancé and make sure to stay within budget—themed events can get expensive! It can be a day that your family and friends will talk about for months or years to come and you won’t believe how special the pictures will be.

No matter what theme you choose, a renaissance wedding is an exercise in sheer romance, so don’t be afraid of it—embrace it! We all love a hero on his white steed, and your groom will be very pleased to know you see him that way. All weddings are romantic, but these have just that little touch of being more. Be a Lord and His Lady for your day, and have a wonderful life from the very beginning!

Resources: will help you find your region and who to contact, if you aren’t a member. There is a listing of renaissance fairs by states with contact info for each The Directorie of Renaissance Faires. Very good information State-by-state listing of fairs and events, costumers, jewelry, and all sorts of good articles and information.

Plus, if you would like a medieval themed wedding, Heartfelt Ministries can help you write the perfect ceremony and come dressed properly for the event. Just call us at 800-490-0221 to find out how we can help.

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