Destressing before the wedding day

You are B.U.S.Y! That’s right, not one moment to spare. You’re checking flowers, arguing with the caterer, cutting that guest list down to where it should be, keeping your aunt from imposing her views on everything and trying hard not to let your mother make you cry when she insists that things be done ‘her’ way. The maid of honor is in some kind of turf war with the junior bridesmaid and the groomsmen are looking totally bewildered. The wonderful fiancé you picked is trying to help, but… he just doesn’t get it and it isn’t helping. One more thing on your list and somebody is gonna get hurt.

Organizing the happiest day of your life is turning into pure hell and you need to relax, sugar.

Here’s how to keep yourself from drowning in the chaos around you:

  1. Delegate. That’s right, pass off some of those chores off to the people around you. That’s what they are there for, after all. Mom can handle the caterer and the florist, Dad can deal with the limo service and the photographer, the Maid of Honor can handle organizing fittings and take phone calls. She can track orders and deliveries as well, leaving you to deal with the Big Picture and just make executive decisions.
  2. Grab the future hubby and get away for a while, even just for a couple of hours. Take in a movie, go for a walk, or go shopping for something unrelated to anything wedding. Reconnect with the guy you are doing this for and remember why he’s important enough to go through all this.
  3. Get a massage. Spend a little of that wedding budget on yourself instead of gerbera daisies. Let someone mash, squish, pulp and knead your tension right back where it came from. Once you have been reduced to a boneless, purring mess you won’t care if you’re serving foie gras or chicken nuggets. Once you’ve been revitalized, you can jump back in and deal with anything they throw at you!
  4. Hit something. Don’t get violent, but go play baseball for an afternoon or tennis, racquet ball, squash or any sport that involves a good bit of exertion and physical effort. Heavy exercise produces lots of endorphins that help deal with stress and that’s what you need right now.
  5. Have a good cry. Yup, just let it all out. Sob, weep, wail and drown those worries where they stand. It’s been proven that tears will literally wash stress chemicals out of your system so you can deal with things on a more even emotional footing. Once you’re done or out of tissues (whichever comes first) have a quick twenty minute nap and you’ll feel loads better.

No matter what you do, always remember that this is just one day out of the rest of your lives. Yes, it’s an important day, but in twenty years you’ll be saying remember when… and not cringing in terror at the thought of tasting yet another wedding cake sample. Now, wipe your eyes, grab that tennis racquet and take care of yourself. You’re the Bride, you deserve it!

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