Congratulations to some of our June couples!

(I must apologize for the lack of pictures with this post. I am sadly notorious for forgetting my camera!)

It’s been a very busy June here in Central Wisconsin for weddings, and I’m pleased to be able to wish all our couples the best of luck, now and always!

All our best wishes to Skip and Ellen, who were married last Saturday out at Smiley’s in Plover. 

Skip and Ellen chose to tie the knot in the presence of their family and friends and the happiness was infectious. The bride wore a cream-colored sleeveless evening dress with discreet beading along the v-neckline and carried a bouquet of white and purple roses, in line with the lavender and white color scheme. The bridesmaids wore lavender satin dresses and carried smaller matching bouquets with darker purple accents.

Skip was very distinguished in a gray suit with a lavender silk tie to match the color scheme with matching gray leather dress shoes. He was very proud when he showed me the specially-made pens he had ordered for the signing of the marriage license. Handmade and one in black enamel and one in white; they were a lovely accessory to the day.

It was an interesting event for me. I had the pleasure of meeting several members of Ellen’s family who had come all the way from Germany to attend. Her mother was a very gracious lady and I wish all the family a nice stay here in the US and a safe trip home.

Sadly, one thing did go wrong: the chocolate ceremony had to be aborted in mid-wedding. One of Skip’s sons was assigned to take care of the Mounds bars that Skip and Ellen had chosen to exchange during their chocolate exchange. He did a great job by keeping the bars cold in the fridge until just before the ceremony, and then putting them on the podium only a few minutes ahead of time.

As we proceeded through the service, I noticed a black ant on Ellen’s dress. At first I didn’t really think much of it; I had a lot on my mind at that moment, after all.

Then I remembered the chocolate.

Sure enough, I threw a glance over my shoulder at the small Tupperware container and somehow in less than fifteen minutes, the ants had found the candy. Rather than cause a scene, I simply turned the page and we moved on with the next part of the wedding written for Skip and Ellen. She was a little confused, but after the Recessional I explained the problem and suggested that they might want to do that part of the ceremony during the reception. After all, while chocolate-covered ants are considered a delicacy, ant-covered chocolate is not.

But problems aside, the day was lovely for a wedding and the wedding was lovely for the couple, so to Skip and Ellen, we give you our best wishes and we hope you live happily ever after!

The week before we had the wedding of Stephanie and Mike!

Best wishes to Stephanie and Mike, who were married on June 11 at Smiley’s in Plover, WI. Regrettably, my skill in taking pictures is still nothing to brag about, so I will try to do things justice without them.

The bridal party entered from a white stretch limo to be met by the groomsmen and escorted to the front, where Mike was waiting. Stephanie chose to be escorted by three of their children, rather than a parental escort. Their love and pride in their mother was amazing to see as they walked her down the aisle.

The day was breezy and warm, just perfect for the occasion, and everyone was well-prepared for their roles in the ceremony. The gentlemen all looked very dapper in their formal suits and the ladies were lovely in their gowns and bouquets.

Stephanie was wearing a full-skirted traditional wedding dress, with a three-quarter veil. She looked every inch the happy bride and Mike absolutely glowed when he saw her. It is moments like that that I really love my job.

To celebrate the blending of their families Mike and Stephanie chose to use a Sand Ceremony with colors to acknowledge each of their children, as well as specific vows as parents to their newly-created stepchildren. Each of them added a layer of sand in their colors to the bottom of the vase as a sign that the parents are the base. All the kids had a chance to add a layer of their favorite color, creating a family sand sculpture as unique as their relationships will always be in the future. With their toddler firmly putting the stopper in the vase, the seal was placed and a brand new family had been created.

Once the pronouncement of marriage was made and the new Mr. and Mrs. were introduced to their guests, the strains of “tonight’ gonna be a good night” were played, and we all had a good time dancing back down the aisle.

To Stephanie and Mike and their newly blended family, many happy years and the best of luck to you all!

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