Congratulations Rachel and Stephen!

We would like to share our most Heartfelt congratulations to Rachel and Stephen. They were married September 10, 2011 at the Yawkey House Museum in Wausau in Central Wisconsin. The House Museum was a beautiful location to have their wedding, and the garden was absolutely spectacular.  The only drawback to this location is that the garden is fairly small and can hold only about 100 people; if you fall in love with it like we did, that is a point to keep in mind.

Before their ceremony started, Rachel and Stephen wanted to do something to remember their family members that had passed on and 9/11, since that was a day that affected all Americans. In their programs they listed out the family member that were honored with flowers and placed vases of them on the edge of the fountain. Other family members carried the flowers down the aisle to the place of honor where they remained the rest of the ceremony.

Rachel and Stephen wrote their own vows, and Rachel’s were the most unique we have ever heard. During her vows she gave Stephen a key engraved with each of the promises that she made. Here are her vows:

I have waited my whole life to love someone the way I love you.  Now that I have you, I will never let you go.  Today I will give you the keys to my life.  I want to walk with you on this journey of life until there is no life left.  Today I promise to keep your secrets and keep no secrets from you.  I promise to nurture and grow your dreams and to always share my dreams with you.  Today I promise to give you my heart forever and love you for eternity.  The last key I will give you today is the key to memory.  This key unlocks the past and frees us from it so we can move forward today to create new memories as a family.  I love you.  Today I give you me.

Their wedding was also a wedding full of surprises, and we were a bit nervous that they would not work out as planned, but fortunately they did. Rachel loves butterflies, so as a surprise to his new wife, Stephen arranged to have a butterfly release at the end of the ceremony. Rachel had no idea that this was coming and loved being able to release butterflies to celebrate their love. After that the family had arranged a surprise balloon release to celebrate their love. The balloons were released just as the happy couple walked down the aisle.

If you want to include a balloon release in your ceremony, be sure to buy the biodegradable balloons so that they break down and do not become a mess for someone to clean up. These balloons are also less likely to harm wildlife, although that is not a guarantee.

Again, congratulations Rachel and Stephen. We wish a lifetime of happiness for you both.

Love to you all,
Rev. Kelly

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