Congratulations Nicole and Jesse August 7, 2010

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Nicole and Jesse, who were married on a very warm August 7, 2010 at  Smilie’s Bar and Grill in Plover, WI. This couple was very unique and their wedding ceremony included a bit of everything, some traditional, some new, and some surprises as well.

Nicole and Jesse as they exchange rings.

Nicole feeding Jesse a piece of chocolate as part of the chocolate ceremony. A new tradition that gives that extra special something to a wedding, which seals the vows and ring exchange as Nicole and Jesse promised to help nourish each other body, heart, and soul.

Nicole and Jesse solidify their family ties with the family promises. All of their children were able to attend and make this a very special point in their wedding day.

Peeking over a groomsman’s shoulder to be able to see the family sand ceremony. The family blended sands together to show that they are a complete unit, no matter what.

Nicole and Jesse kiss, truly sealing their union in front of family and friends.

And now, for the surprise….

These are Nicole’s grandparents, who have recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Nicole and Jesse were generous and shared their special day with Janice and Gerald. The grandparent’s pastor came and helped them renew their vows since the family and friends were invited as well. It was a beautiful celebration.

Finally I just have to talk about Nicole’s dress. I just love the embroidery that encircles the top of the dress and appears in large bouquets on the bottom of her dress. I am not sure where she bought it or what she paid for it, but it is worth every penny.

Again Congrats Nicole and Jesse and Janice and Gerald too. May all of you enjoy many more years of happiness together.

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