Congratulations Kelly and Micheal, The Pine Ridge in Wautoma

Before we get into the “meat” of Kelly and Micheal’s wedding, I want to apologize to all of our readers for the pictures in this post. My son, Zachary Hunt, has been my assistant since mid wedding season last year, and has been taking most of the pictures for the blog for me. Normally he does a great job and keeps the camera steady, but for some reason for Kelly and Micheal’s wedding, he got “creative” and many of the pictures are at a funny angle. Now that you understand the artistic license taken with the photos, please enjoy learning about the details of Kelly’s and Micheal’s wedding at the Pine Ridge in Wautoma, WI.

So, now without further ado, congratulations Kelly and Micheal! They were married on October 16, 2010.
kelly and micheal after the wedding

Aren’t they the cutest couple? We are standing on the platform that the Pine Ridge uses for outdoor weddings, and they have quite the set up. This is a great place to have your outdoor wedding and the Pine Ridge is great at making sure that your needs are taken care of. First of all they assign you a wedding coordinator for their site (which is a different function than a wedding planner that you hire), who’s name is Dawn. She is absolutely fabulous to work with and for every wedding we have been asked to officiate there Dawn has been very helpful by making sure that all the details are in place well before the ceremony begins.

Kelly coming down the aisle Here is Kelly coming down the aisle with her dad. In the back ground you can see the hotel that is part of Pine Ridge and the beautiful fountain that is the center piece of the courtyard they use for their outdoor weddings. The white structure is the trellis that you can use to hang plants, flowers, fabric, feathers, or other decoration (within Pine Ridge rules of course) that will help you accent your  wedding day. There is another, larger trellis over the platform where the ceremony is held. A big plus of the Pine Ridge is that all their walkways are paved and not dirt, so walking in heels is never a problem, ladies.

exchange of vowsKelly’s bridesmaids in their beautiful fuchsia dresses help give perspective to how generous the Pine Ridge is with their ceremony area. Really, a much larger bridal party can stand on that paved platform and no one feels crowded.

exchanging ringsKelly and Micheal exchanging their vows under the plant covered trellis surrounded by a background of lovely fall colors. The natural beauty that surrounds the Pine Ridge is marvelous.

exchange of rings Kelly and Micheal exchanging rings to seal their vows and dedication to each other in marriage.

The Pine Ridge is closed venue, meaning that you have to use their kitchen for your meal should you choose to have one there. This is not a drawback, trust me, because the food is upscale, gourmet, and delicious. I had the trout almondine at another wedding. This was a large, juicy serving of fish that tasted fresh, citrusy, and had a generous portion of almonds and sauce so that it lived up to its name. It was served with salad, rice pilaf, and if memory serves correctly steamed green beans with almonds as well. Desert was of course wedding cake.

Again, congratulations Kelly and Michael and thank you Pine Ridge of Wautoma for a fabulous experience!

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