Congratulations Kari and Don!

Greetings, one and all! We’d like to congratulate Kari and Don who were married last week on the 11th at a family home in Portage County! Many happy years, you two!

Once again let me offer my apologies, however. Due to bad directions from a certain mapping website that shall remain nameless, I somehow ended up across town. Circling an empty lot when you are supposed to be performing a wedding is a bad, bad feeling. Luckily Kari called me, gave the perfect directions and all went well from there on.  Still, let me say once again that I’m sorry, I’ve never been late to a ceremony before and I certainly don’t intend to ever again.

The families had set out chairs on a large swath of lawn behind the house with a center aisle for the processional. At the front, under a small stand of what I think were birch trees, was a black iron arch with a small table set to one side for their Sand Ceremony.

Don and I waited there as Kari was escorted in by her son Michael. Her dress was strapless with a beaded bodice and a pleated organza overlay on white satin. As always, the bride was lovely! I wish we had pictures available, but due to circumstance beyond our control, that wasn’t possible this time, sorry.

At the exchange of rings, both Kari and Don got a little misty-eyed, as I did, (even after so many weddings I’m still just a hopeless romantic) and Michael was very pleased judging by his ear-to-ear grin. Don made a point of making a special vow to Michael as his new step father and I think we all got a bit emotional at that.

Their sand ceremony was accompanied by a string quartet as they poured sands from three different places that meant special memories for each of them, Michael included. By using sands from specific sites instead of colored sands, they were binding together their pasts as much as their futures and it made for a wonderful moment.

So despite dodgy weather and misleading directions, Kari and Don are now happily wed and starting out on their new lives together.  They are a lovely and gracious couple, and with Michael are a perfect family.

All the best to you guys, and may you always have the best of love and luck.

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