Congratulations, Josh and Nicole!

This Saturday found us at the Red Mill in Waupaca for the wedding of Josh and Nicole, who included a family promises ceremony for their young son as well.

If you haven’t been there, the Red Mill is a former Grist mill on a small river; now it has gift shops and walking trails and boasts a perfect covered bridge leading to a miniature chapel on a tiny point of the stream. Surrounded by tall oaks, the chapel makes a romantic background for a wedding ceremony like Josh and Nicole’s.

Nicole’s dress was made to especially for her and I think it’s one of the loveliest I’ve seen all year. I don’t know if the lace over dress was vintage, but it certainly completed the ethereal effect.  The empire waist and trailing veil made her a perfect, romantic vision and I’m sure her groom thought just the same.

In an unusual decision, the wedding was held in the morning, rather than afternoon as has become the custom and a brunch reception followed the ceremony at the Waupaca Ale House a few miles away.  I did a little research, and in keeping with the almost Victorian look of Nicole’s gown, it seems that during the nineteenth century weddings were usually held in the morning, followed by a traditional wedding breakfast afterwards. It’s nice to see a former tradition being revived, since it gives a modern bride so many options to choose from.  Excellent choice, Nicole!

We even had the cooperation of the weather: despite looming thunderstorms, the sun came out and shone down on the service as they said their vows to one another.  It even stayed out for pictures with family and friends.

We wish them all the best and many happy years together, and thanks again for letting me be part of such a wonderful day.

Rev. Zita.

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