Congratulations Becky and Rick

Becky and Rick were united in marriage on June 25, 2011 at the Rothschild Pavilion by Rev. Kelly Hunt of Heartfelt Ministries. Unfortunately my assistant was sick that day, so there are not many pictures. In spite of that snafu, we do have lots of ideas to share with you about their day. Before we begin, congratulations Becky and Rick, we are so happy we could be part of your special day.

Becky and Rick are very creative and talented people and their wedding reflected that from the start through the end of their night. When you walked in the door, a table was covered with family wedding pictures; some were black and white and others were pictures of Becky’s and Rick’s brothers and sisters when they were married. This table helped set the mood for friends and family coming together to celebrate a wedding.

Family is also very important to Becky and Rick. At the beginning of the ceremony, family and music were woven in between the words the three of us worked so hard to make perfect. Their ceremony opened with family support of the union and then a rose presentation to show their parents that their help was very appreciated.

After they took their vows and exchanged rings, Becky and Rick shared a history of their relationship in a slide show accompanied by a musical selection. Then they represented the sealing of their union with a sand ceremony, which makes a beautiful display and a work of art to keep forever. As they walked down the aisle as husband and wife, a brass quintet sent them off amid a grand fanfare.

After the ceremony Becky and Rick greeted their guests outdoors and took pictures for their own wedding photo. During that time, guest were welcome to have drinks at the beautiful bar built into the Pavilion. The Pavilion is a location where everything must be catered in. Becky and Rick had experienced friends helping them serve drinks.

Michelle’s from here in Point catered in dinner and was fabulous. They served roasted pork loin, roasted chicken, stuffing, potatoes, steamed carrots, and gravy. Salad and rolls were served before the main course. Michelle’s served the wedding party and families in a family style but the rest of the guests were served buffet style. The wedding cake was made by a friend of the bride and groom. Instead of dismantling the work of art the cake was, the guests were served pieces of sheet cake decorated in the same colors as the wedding.

On the head table and on the bar, Becky and Rick placed lanterns made of wood and rice paper. On the paper were pictures of the couple and quotes about love. These were very unique. Of course they also included the traditional wedding decorations of flowers and streamers. So that guests are kept informed of the night’s festivities, every table had a itinerary on one side and a quote about love on the other. It was a very unobtrusive way to satisfy curiosity of what is going to happen when.

Another really great idea I saw at Becky’s and Rick’s wedding was also a very responsible one. They posted by the bar, all the doors and other obvious places a list of transportation services for those who were planning on indulging in alcohol. This list included all local taxi services and shuttle services from the local hotels. Please use this idea if you are planning a wedding. It just make keep a guest safe.

After dinner, a polka and big band band played. It was high energy and very fun. After the grand march a DJ was planned to take over so everyone could enjoy the evening.

Again, congratulations to Becky and Rick and thank you so much for letting us be a part of your day.

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