Congratulations Ashley and Kyle!

Congratulations Kyle and Ashley!

Saturday Kyle and Ashley tied the knot here in Wood County, Wisconsin!

In spite of the thunderstorms, Ashley’s mother Wendy put together a lovely wedding for her happy couple at their home in Central Wisconsin. The theme was a tropical one that suited the warm summer’s day, and no one’s spirits were dampened by the sudden rain, not in the least. Ashley’s parents, resourceful pair that they are, were able to move things to a good-sized shelter used for family barbecues out back, and the ceremony proceeded as scheduled.

With the tropical theme, Kyle and the groomsmen all wore Hawaiian shirts and khaki cargo shorts for a fun and comfortable look. The bridesmaids wore short black and pink dresses perfect for the heat and carried sprays of calla lilies and pink orchids. The best thing was the shoes: flip-flops! I loved the whole theme. Ashley wore a lovely strapless beaded gown, also with flip-flops adorned with little rhinestones.

Ashley’s father walked her down the aisle to the song ‘I loved her first’. I must say that is one of the perfect songs for a father of the bride: proud and happy and sweet all in one. Wendy lent her own brand of special to the proceedings by reading a poem by Mandee Sears and then making us all laugh by warning Kyle that he had ‘a feisty one’; I think he already knew. He didn’t seem to mind, judging by his smile.

The pitter-patter of the rain on our shelter roof may have swelled to a roar, but according to some traditions, every drop of rain on your wedding day is a hundred pieces of silver in your future. I’d say that Ashley and Kyle hit the Lottery! Zach, our House photographer, made the comment that the rain sounded like applause; and I have to agree with him.

The weather here may have presented a few extra challenges, but the wedding went off without a hitch other than a small change of location. The Bride was lovely, the bridesmaids enthusiastic, and everyone applauded for them when they were pronounced ‘husband and wife’. So to Kyle and Ashley, we wish you many happy years together and may the only rain you find be the blessing on your wedding day.

Special note: We are unsure what that phenomenon is in the third picture. We can only assume that is the rain reflecting the flash.

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