Congratulations Angela and Brad!

September in Wisconsin may seem like a bit of risk for an outdoor fall wedding, but for Angela and Brad it was the perfect choice on September 24th. As lovely as the weather was, to my regret I was not able to take pictures as the batteries had failed in my camera. So, I’m afraid we’ll have to make do with my powers of description!

North Woods County Park was the scene, and the trees were just beginning to change color. The day was a bit cool but nice and sunny and a light breeze kept everything fresh. Angela wore a lovely strapless gown with a beaded bodice, and the cutest pair of sneakers! I love it when a bride is not only funny but practical.

The bridesmaids wore red satin, and I don’t recall seeing their shoes, but I hope they were as comfortable as Angela was!  With the red and white themes couples with the surrounding fall colors, the atmosphere was just about as bright and cheerful as anybody could hope for. The Groomsmen wore dark shirts with ties and dress pants and everyone looked very snappy for the occasion.

The pavilion at North Woods County Park is a good-sized stone structure with a fireplace at each end and a kitchen addition that also includes the restrooms. I’ve done a couple of weddings at this location, and if you are going for a relaxed, casual atmosphere that still allows you to seat over 100 people, I can strongly recommend it. The only problem is that it is located at the edge of a meadow on the banks of the Yellow river, and the geese do like to make comments during the ceremony!

There were a couple of minor glitches with the music at the beginning of the ceremony, but they were ironed out fast, and the bridal party walked into the seating area to the theme of ‘the Shire’ from Lord of the Rings. This is a lovely orchestral piece, as pretty as any musical overture I’ve ever heard at a wedding. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about.

The ceremony went very well, with only one slight problem when the best man had a bit of difficulty locating the rings in his pocket—seems the rental agency didn’t tell him they had two pockets on that side and the rings slipped into the wrong one. Classic!

Angela and Brad exchanged their vows, their friends and family, and we here at Heartfelt are very happy for them. All the best to you both!

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