Congratulations Amy and Paul

We want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Amy and Paul who were married at the Belvedere Supper Club, just outside of Marshfield, WI.

Amy and Paul Here is Amy and Paul as they pose for pictures and greet their guests. Through out the whole process of planning out their wedding ceremony they have been a great couple to work with. They were patient, easy going, and just really nice. And their wedding reflected that with a smooth simplicity, readings that talked about the love they so obviously have for each other, and a practicality that seems to be how they approach life together.

Amy’s and Paul’s wedding is one of the few weddings where we had guest participation, although unplanned. Paul’s family has an unusual last name (or at least I thought it was anyway) and when they were introduced as the new Mr. and Mrs. I mispronounced it. As soon as the name left my lips, the whole family says it the appropriate way. Obviously they are used to correcting strangers on the subtleties of the sounds of their name. Luckily the family is very forgiving and the mistake was laughed off.

Since the wedding had quite a few kids in attendance, Amy and Paul implemented a guest treat and a kid friendly atmosphere at the same time. On the table by the guest book, they set up a lovely alternative to the candy buffet, an old fashioned candy store rack. This is complete with wooden shelves and supports and mason jars.

candy store rack Adults and children a like could help themselves to great traditional treats such as rock candy lollipops, candy sticks with the swirls like on peppermints, and salt water taffy that was scattered on the table too. Although I admit that I never understood why it was called salt water taffy, there is no salt water in it at all.

We hinted at Amy’s and Paul’s ceremony as being heartfelt. Their ceremony was sweet with readings written by Anne Morrow Lindburg, Susan Polis Schultz and my friend’s daughter Amanda Vaitruardrok, who is a very talented young woman.

Of course they had the traditional elements of exchanging vows and rings, foundation of marriage, and the pronunciation and kiss. They also chose to include the story of their engagement, which was very romantic, even if they would argue that point. I think the best part of it is that Paul cooks! A man that cooks is a treat.
Amy and Paul exchange rings We would like to thank Sound Storm out of Marshfield for providing the microphone and attempting to control the sound level through out the ceremony. It is a nice treat when the DJ is at the ceremony and is able to provide professional sound. And like almost all the people we have met in Central Wisconsin, Sound Storm was professional and friendly.

The flower arrangements were created by Wishing Well Florists, and I believe they are out of Elkhart, WI. Not only did they make Amy’s bouquet, they made the bouquets for the bride’s maids, boutonieres for Paul and his groomsmen too. Also included were the ushers, Amy’s and Paul’s parents and grandparents, and their godparents as well. The picture just can’t do the flowers justice.

bouquets As always the Dale and Patricia, owners of the Belvedere Supper Club, put on an excellent wedding feast. Dinner was served buffet style and consisted of baked, seasoned chicken, beef tips and gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, chicken gravy, dinner rolls, cucumber salad, and cole slaw. Delicious and satisfying. For dessert the expert staff served Amy’s and Paul’s wedding cake which was made by Kristy’s Custom Cakes in Spencer, Wisconsin. They chose to have a lemon poppy seed cake, which was perfectly baked, moist, and delicious. And this picture just shows off how beautiful it was.

the cake Once again, congratulations to Amy and Paul on their April 16, 2011 wedding. Thank you for letting us be a part of that day. We wish that you have every happiness in your lives together.

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