Congatulations Chris and Kelly

ChrisWe want to extend our congratulations to Kelly and Chris, who were wed on a lovely island in the Chain of Lakes last Saturday. The bride chose a gorgeous red satin gown with a gathered skirt, and her groom was dressed simply in a grey dress shirts and slacks. It was a perfect choice of outfits for the summer heat here in Wisconsin.

Onaway Island is a private campground and has a wonderful rustic open-air chapel with a stone focal point. Behind us was a backdrop of mature trees; glimpses of the water were visible, and the breeze coming off the lake made everything very comfortable despite the near ninety degree day.


The ceremony was casual with family and friends in attendance, even the family dogs were excited about the festivities! In fact, they added their own special touch to the event. As I mentioned, the chapel is open to the air, being a charming set of angled roofs, rather like a series of interconnected lean-to’s. The only problem is that means that it is also open for the use of the local wildlife.

Unbeknownst to me, a pair of mallard ducks had built their nest at the back of the chapel. We started the ceremony, with the bride escorted by her father, and everything went quite smoothly. Chris had made his vows to Kelly, growing perhaps a bit misty-eyed in the process. As Kelly began her vows to him, there was a commotion in the audience, but nothing too bad. I thought perhaps their family was merely sharing some private joke.

Exchanging rings

Suddenly, of all things, a duck burst out from under the pews and flapped its way through the crowd and out into the trees with several dogs in hot pursuit! Everyone burst out laughing and several people called out that it was some kind of omen. I pointed out that to the Chinese, the duck was a symbol of good luck and fidelity in marriage—Kelly seemed very pleased at that idea.

Once the laughter had settled a bit, she re-started her vows, and of course, the humor we all felt just added to the general good mood. The happy couple was pronounced husband and wife among loads of good wishes and the love of their family and friends.


The reception was a huge cookout there on the island, with room for swimming and several volleyball and basketball courts for fun and summer games. Truly, it was an excellent day for a casual, family-oriented celebration of two people’s commitment to each other.

Kelly and Chris, we wish you many, many happy years together, and the duck as well!

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