Megan and Justin are Married!

Congratulations to Megan and Justin! A little over a week ago I was very happy to have been part of the wedding of Megan and Justin, two lovely young people from Wood County. See, Aren’t they cute? The wedding was held at the Wisconsin Firefighter Memorial, right on the edge of the Wisconsin River, on […]

One of my favorite Weddings

I want to write about a wedding I did last year for a very special couple, Alexis and Doug. Alexis and Doug met when she was recuperating from an illness. Doug is a nurse and told us that he knew he’d found his soul mate the moment he saw her, even though she was not […]

Kelly and Mitch married in Iverson Park….outdoor beauty.

Kelly and Mitch are now happily married and have been for months, especially since their wedding was during the warmth of summer in Iverson Park in Stevens Point, WI. A place of beauty in the middle of the city. Kelly and Mitch centered most of their wedding around nature and being outdoors, since that is […]

Game Over! LOL

Wayne’s friends may be thinking it is game over for him, but for Tammy and Wayne things are just beginning. This very happy couple’s wedding day was fantastic. For one, the weather was almost perfect on top of the hill at the Party Barn in Viroqua, WI and second, two people that are so in […]

Water, A Tree, and Me Makes for a Lifetime of Happiness

Some of our best ideas come from our couples, and Melissa and Neil are no exception to that rule. Earlier this spring we got to do a simple tree planting ceremony, but Melissa and Neil wanted to put their own spin on things. Instead of just watering their tree to represent how they will care […]

Family Traditions Hold True

A large part of the things we do at a wedding are because of tradition. Some of those traditions are commonly held among all people and some are only family traditions, and some of those traditions are new ones. I am sure that you have all heard of the tradition that says a bride should […]

Simple = Wedded Bliss

Sometimes the easiest way to get your message across is simple and to the point, sometimes it is best to ignore the traditions that don’t speak to you, but keep the ones that do. That is exactly what Stephenie and Corey did at their June 30th wedding in a family member’s backyard. For Stephenie and […]

A Wedding Wednesday Wedding

According to Victorian legend, or superstition, or whatever you would like to call it, getting married on a Wednesday is the best day of all. It is supposed to be the day that brings you the best luck, the best of health and wealth, and all the good things we hope for and dream about. […]

A Wisconsin Themed Wedding

I just love it when people choose a theme for their wedding, but I never imagined that a couple would choose our state for the them of their wedding day. Plus they pulled it out perfectly. Lacey’s and Tony’s families are from Illinois but their parents own a home in central Wisconsin. Since this home […]

Best Friends Betty and Jerry Tie the Knot

Betty and Jerry got married this last Saturday at Iverson Park in Stevens Point. Despite the slightly cloudy skies, the rain held off until long after the ceremony and the weather held for the short but sweet service that joined Jerry to his best friend and soul mate, Betty, as their friends and family enthusiastically […]

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