Military Weddings: Introduction and Invitations

Memorial Day always makes me think of the military and with what we do at Heartfelt Ministries of course my mind turns to weddings as well. That made me think it would be fun to do a posting on military weddings and what is involved with the planning and execution of them. We have not […]

Make your wedding chocolaty

When we think of weddings in Central Wisconsin we may think sausage and cheese as an appetizer or a snack during the dance, we may think about cakes and ice cream, homemade chicken soup, but rarely do we think candy bars. I think we found a product that will change your mind. A couple of […]

Pot Luck Weddings: A fun option for Central Wisconsin Brides

You are planning your wedding, but don’t want to deal with a reception hall that claims your date is booked, a caterer that won’t do vegetarian, renting a church because the minister doesn’t like outdoors services, or any of the thousand details that planning a large public event entails. You just want to get married, […]

Wedding Planner in Eau Claire

I admit that I was supposed to post this on Friday, but I was drawing a blank on what to feature. I tried to come up with an appropriate topic and show you pictures of a great location or a wedding or something, but really…I was stuck. Then today I get a call for a […]

Decorate your wedding

Decorating for your wedding: some things to keep in mind Central Wisconsin has some utterly gorgeous places to hold an outdoor wedding: the Eua Claire dells Park in Wood county or the top of Rib Mountain, from the Red Mill near Waupaca to Door County on the shores of Lake Superior; there is something to […]

How do I know if I really need a rehearsal before my wedding?

You are planning your wedding. Congratulations!  You’ve got your wedding party picked out, the hall is reserved, the caterer selected, colors picked, etc… Do you need to have a rehearsal for the ceremony? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on things like the theme for the wedding, the venue, the size of your wedding party […]

Wisconsin Chic, Homestead Meadows Farm, Appleton, WI

The other morning we were lucky to get together with a new couple, Justin and Jill who reminded us of one of our favorite places in Wisconsin for an event venue: Homestead Meadows Farm in Appleton, WI. This place is what I would term as being Wisconsin chic. Wisconsin chic are those really nice places […]

Central Wisconsin, Dogs are now welcome in Weddings!

So…dogs have always been welcome in weddings, but in very select locations, and finding those locations is always a pain in…well, you know where. That is no longer true thanks to my friends Celia, Gary, and group who have established Vow-Wow-Wow.  Our family friend, Colby. Vow-Wow-Wow is a service to help couple’s across the United […]

Tips on proposing

To a woman: With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it seemed like a good time to give out some tips on how to pop the question to your beloved. Many women would like to believe that being asked to marry is a spontaneous and romantic gesture; the reality is that a lot of thought […]

Tiffany’s 2010 Collections

Tiffany has released their 2010 collection, which appears to have been largely inspired by nature. Unfortunately, these fall outside my personal budget, but if they fall into yours, please let me know so I can drool in person. Otherwise, I am putting a towel on my keyboard to avoid any nasty electrical mishaps. These delicate […]

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