Something has gone wrong! Comfort for the Bride

It’s January and a lot of weddings are in the very early planning stages. You’ve booked your reception hall and chosen the colors and flowers, or maybe you are farther along than that and have most of the major planning already done. If so I salute you, you master organizer, you! Whether you are nearly […]

Alternative Ideas to Candy Buffets

The Central Wisconsin Wedding Professionals posted a blog of a few alternatives to candy buffets that can be used in your wedding. The list was assembled by Jennifer Keller of Designer Events and Weddings here in Stevens Point. “By now you have either attended a wedding that had a candy buffet or at least have […]

After Christmas Wedding Shopping

By now, you and your family have probably made a big dent in the Christmas leftovers, the wrapping paper is in bags ready for the garbage truck, and unwanted gifts have been returned or exchanged. I hope that your holidays were wonderful and full of warm memories, but now that they are over, it is […]

An All in One Idea

I love cupcakes! Actually, I love most things that are sweet, and cupcakes are no exception. Frankly, I haven’t met anyone that didn’t like a cupcake. They remind us of childhood, and in today’s bakery market, are quite upscale. Heck, in some cities, you can even get those tiny cakes of goodness from a vending […]

Wedding Programs Defined – Part I

We are grateful to two people this week. M. Shannon Hernandez at Sage & Time Designs for her insight and expertise on wedding programs and to Heather of Invites by Design for providing us with a sample of some beautiful stationary. Thank you so much ladies. Trying to think of everything that must go into […]

Getting Medieval on Your Wedding Day!

Renaissance-themed wedding are very popular these days. They are romantic, fun, and the perfect fairy-tale day little girls dream about, literally! The only problem is how do you plan one of these events for you and your personal knight in shining armor? Where do you go for the dresses, the men’s clothes, the food and […]

Wisconsin Desintation Weddings

Earlier this week, our friend, Phyllis wrote about destination weddings in general. Today, we are going to talk about using your home state, Wisconsin, as your destination wedding location. A few reasons to make Wisconsin your destination wedding site are: It is closer to home, so your friends and family are more likely to be […]

Modern Elopements – Destination Weddings

Before we get into the “meat” of today’s article. I want to say a special thank you to Phyllis Cambria of Party Plans in Miami, Fl. She wrote today’s posting and is a wonderful wedding and event planner down south. Thank you so much my friend. Now, onto the important information. Destination weddings today […]

Select the Perfect Wedding Invitation

I have been holding onto this posting for a while, just trying to find the perfect time to share it with you. It is by our friend Brooke Uzarski from M. Middleton, specializing in Emily Post Invitations. She has some great advice for us. Selecting the Perfect Invitation Whether formal and traditional or casual and […]

Military weddings: Attire

Earlier this week, we discussed military weddings and a little about what makes them different from civilian weddings. The answer is not much except a few traditions, a few etiquette rules, and the attire. If your guests are in the military and are planning on attending a wedding, they will already know these rules, but […]

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