Megan and Justin are Married!

Congratulations to Megan and Justin! A little over a week ago I was very happy to have been part of the wedding of Megan and Justin, two lovely young people from Wood County. See, Aren’t they cute? The wedding was held at the Wisconsin Firefighter Memorial, right on the edge of the Wisconsin River, on […]

My Appologies to All

Today, I got an email from an upset bride. It was not good, and I realized that if one person was upset many more may be as well. So, to all brides and grooms that may have contacted us through the comment box on our site pages, I owe all of you an apology. What […]

Did you miss me?

Maybe you did and maybe you didn’t, but we have been gone from blogging for a while. First it was because I wasn’t feeling well, then because I had surgery and was recovering. Now, it is because after years of keeping this blog up and writing every week, I have run into what seems like […]

One of my favorite Weddings

I want to write about a wedding I did last year for a very special couple, Alexis and Doug. Alexis and Doug met when she was recuperating from an illness. Doug is a nurse and told us that he knew he’d found his soul mate the moment he saw her, even though she was not […]

Fox News’ Marriage Boo-Boo!

I have been dying to use this picture in a blog post, mostly because it makes me proud to support gay marriage; this couple looks so in love, and secondly because it makes Fox News look like fools for keeping on their “traditional” marriage message. I admit it, I am not a fan of Fox […]

Not Your Mom’s Wedding

Welcome to our Not Your Mom’s Wedding page. We are taking our blog, previously named Not Your Mom’s Wedding and integrating it with out site. We ask for your patience while we are making this move and please bear with us while we are making this move to our new platform. We are trying to […]

Our “Dream” Weddings

We love each and every one of our couples. Everyone brings something unique to the day and all of them are fun and great to work with. That being said, Zita and I were talking about what weddings we would love to officiate that would be fun and unique, one day while driving to meet […]

A bit of wedding fun and humor

Our very creative Rev Zita came up with this on one of those nights with little sleep but a lot of coffee. I hope you find it as funny as I did. (Sung to the tune of Rawhide) Weddin’ weddin’ weddin, Keep confetti shredding’ When the groom is led in, Best man at his siiiiide! […]

Little Bits of Romance

A few months ago, I quit smoking, which was hard and yes, good for my health and my pocketbook, but now I have to come here and confess one more addiction left. I love romantic movies, romantic comedies, and the sappier the better. I don’t think these movies should come with standard ratings but rather […]

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