The Groom’s Survival Kit

We all know the Bride will have her own equipment and supplies for the big day, but what will a Groom need handy on the wedding day? Emergencies happen for the men, too, so you need to be prepared. We’ve put together a list of the most common and useful items that the Groom and […]

The Bride’s Emergency Kit

After having seen my fair share of wedding mishaps, I’d like to offer a few suggestions for a kit that our Brides can use in case of emergency. This may not be as detailed as a ‘Zombie apocalypse’ survival kit, but I’m certain you will find it just as useful. This is actually a series […]

Twilight Romance: How to get it in your ceremony

I already admitted over at Central Wisconsin Wedding ProfessionCentral Wisconsin Wedding Professionals, so I might as well admit it here. I have Twilight fever. I had it so bad that opening weekend of Breaking Dawn, I drug my now 13 year old son and Rev Zita to see it with me. Another confession is that […]

Crafting Can Save You Money

Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect. We all have a mental image of that very important day, but will your budget let your image become reality? There is a way around that, to an extent. It’s the ‘do it yourself’ wedding! You may not be able to hire a designer to create custom center […]

What to do if your vendors cancel

I really hope that this does not happen to you. I got a call from a mom of a bride who was desperately trying to find an officiant for next weekend. She was so nice and I hated to have to tell her no. I spent some time on the phone with her trying to […]

Happy June!

June is traditionally the wedding month, and here in Central Wisconsin it is no different. Many brides will plan a June wedding months or even years in advance. Logic shows us that June is warm, but normally not too warm. Most areas have been warm enough for the trees to spread their leaves and the […]

Happy Memorial Day!

This weekend is memorial day. For most of us it is a day off of work and additional time that we can spend with family and friends. While you are enjoying the holiday, please do not forget to thank those you know who have served or are serving this country in the military. At a […]

The Royal Wedding

By this time much of the excitement and celebration over the royal wedding is done, but I think it is still relevant to those planning out their wedding day here in Central Wisconsin and that we can learn a lot from watching Prince William and Catherine Middleton say their vows. The first lesson is that […]

Holiday themed weddings

  Mixing your wedding day with a holiday may seem a little unusual, but consider the advantages this could bring. How can you make this work to your advantage? Let’s think about this, Central Wisconsin. This could be quite the wedding trend… Most national holidays mean that your friends and family are very likely to […]

Beware the Bridezilla!: The wrong way to be memorable.

  Central Wisconsin is a wonderful place to get married. We have gorgeous locations, great food, lovely Brides, handsome Grooms, cultural diversity, a long history and fun music. Just like anywhere else, a Wisconsin Bride wants things to be perfect on the biggest day of her adult life. The only problem is that perfection doesn’t […]

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