Top 5 Reasons Your Friends Make Lousy Wedding Officiants

We get that you want a personal wedding ceremony. We get that you want your friends and family to be involved because it makes for a more personal experience. We get that you want to save money. In spite of those reasons, your friends and family (unless they are a minister or judge already) will […]

Something has gone wrong! Comfort for the Bride

It’s January and a lot of weddings are in the very early planning stages. You’ve booked your reception hall and chosen the colors and flowers, or maybe you are farther along than that and have most of the major planning already done. If so I salute you, you master organizer, you! Whether you are nearly […]

Children at the Wedding: Yes or No?

There has been a trend over the last few years to exclude young children from weddings and sometimes the reception as well. The etiquette for this trend is shaky and seems to rest on the premise that ‘it’s my wedding, I want it my way’ rather than the more traditional inclusiveness of most families. Taking […]

Celebrating the Journey to the Altar with Photos

Before we get to the actual post for this week’s blog, I want to say a special thank you to Michelle Nahom who wrote it for us. Thank you so much for all these wonderfully creative ideas on what to do with our pictures. You’re getting married!  After the excitement of sharing your news with […]

Weddings and Weather—Not a match made in Heaven

You’ve dreamed of your wedding day for ages: white dress, your favorite flowers in big bouquets, your friends all in their pretty bridesmaid dresses, Dad walking you down the aisle and your beloved looking dashing in his tuxedo. What you didn’t picture was your beloved dashing through rain or hail, the flowers wilting because of […]

Heartfelt Words

I love a good party as much as the next gal. I can’t help it; the music, the conversations, and the dancing. It is such great fun. But I feel that when it comes to a wedding, it is about more than just the party. Yes, celebrating your new status as husband and wife is […]

Destressing before the wedding day

You are B.U.S.Y! That’s right, not one moment to spare. You’re checking flowers, arguing with the caterer, cutting that guest list down to where it should be, keeping your aunt from imposing her views on everything and trying hard not to let your mother make you cry when she insists that things be done ‘her’ […]

Honoring Mom

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, it seems appropriate to talk about how to honor mom and all that she has done for you over the years to get you to your wedding day. Here are some ideas for you: Give mom some flowers: Flowers are a beautiful gift to give mom any time […]

Why Does Everything Wedding Cost So Much?

I have been trying to work on this post and explain why people perceive why everything wedding costs so much. And every time I sit down and write, I always seem to sound angry, which I am not, I promise, but at the same time, the money conversation is a touchy one. Basically, I have […]

The Hottest Wedding Favor Trends for 2012

Before you jump into great favor ideas, I want to thank Melanie at Favors by Serendipity for putting together today’s posting and sending such great pictures for us. We love what you ladies do and we appreciate you sharing. Here at, we’ve been seeing a pattern: certain themes are already super-hot among our 2012 […]

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