A Wisconsin Themed Wedding

I just love it when people choose a theme for their wedding, but I never imagined that a couple would choose our state for the them of their wedding day. Plus they pulled it out perfectly.

Lacey’s and Tony’s families are from Illinois but their parents own a home in central Wisconsin. Since this home is a place they love to relax and play, it seemed to be the best spot to hold their wedding as well. In keeping with the Wisconsin theme, they used all local wedding professionals, as many local goods as they could, including their Wisconsin themed dinner stations (I will explain those in a bit, promise).

During their fun, lighthearted, and intimate ceremony under a tent, Lacey and Tony dedicated themselves to each other. Including an engagement ring ceremony, which we had not performed before, where Lacey put her engagement ring on the ring bearer’s pillow and Tony placed the engagement ring back on her finger after they exchanged wedding rings. This ensures that now Mrs. is wearing her rings in the traditional order: wedding ring closest to the heart, followed by the engagement ring.

Since the property is a part of the family, Lacey and Tony planted a tree the following day to remember their wedding day by and watch it grow as their love grows and deepens for each other. As a part of the ceremony, we talked about how the tree and love will grow over the years and to symbolize caring for each other Lacey and Tony watered the tree together. Then they were pronounced husband and wife amid the cheers and celebration of their family and friends. It was a touching moment.

Entertainment was provided by a friendly and wonderful DJ, Craig Fisher of Mobile Music Productions. During the cocktail and dinner hours, he played soft soothing music to relax and socialize by. Speaking of dinner, as promised, it was served in a bit of a nontraditional style. Instead of having a single buffet table, Lacey and Tony chose to have dinner served at different stations provided through out the reception area. Each station featured Wisconsin produced foods like brats, burgers, pork kabobs, fresh fruit and vegetables, and of course cheese, strawberries, and cranberries. These taste bud treats were lovingly made by Great Expectations in Wisconsin Rapids. Delicious! And so much fun to meet new people as you discovered different flavors all over the reception area.

After dinner, the fun and dancing continued. For their first dance, Lacey and Tony twirled around the dance floor to “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton. That is my favorite for a first dance, and honestly my husband’s and my “song” Thanks for bring back that wonderful memory, Lacey and Tony!

To see more pictures of Lacey and Tony’s wedding please stop by our Facebook page and don’t forget to become a fan while you are there.

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