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Thank you for stopping by our site. Rev. Kelly and Rev. Zita are your friendly ministers. They are here to help you create a meaningful, beautiful, and heartfelt ceremony to help you celebrate all of life’s events. Services that Heartfelt Ministries can provide for you are:

Heartfelt Ministries’ Mission

It is our belief that every milestone is life should be celebrated in a personal, meaningful way. That is how Heartfelt Ministries got started; the desire to deliver a meaningful, personal, and beautiful wedding ceremony to the people of Wisconsin.

Heartfelt Ministries is an interfaith and open organization. That means that we will not discriminate based on religious beliefs or none at all, race, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or political standing. It is truly our belief that all people should be able to have a ceremony to celebrate any of life’s milestones in the best way for them and we will work closely with you to help you accomplish that goal.

Use the following information to contact Heartfelt Ministries or use the contact form at the bottom of every page (please do not use the comment box, it is unreliable for delivery. Thank you!).

Heartfelt Ministries:

Rev. Kelly


Rev. Jean (serving the Greater Milwaukee area):

Rev. Melanie:


We invite to you explore what Heartfelt Ministries is all about on our site as well.

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